Litter C – July 2018

Foreign mating – Spain Dixie & Mack

July 2018

Dixie od Potoka Kačáku

C.I.E.,C.I.B.,GHc.,MultiCh.,JCh.,Dixie od Potoka Kačáku
We are looking forward to this litter. It is going to be Dixie’s third and the last one. I would like to keep a bitch from this litter as Dixie’s successor. I hope everything will end up well and one princess will stay here with us. Dixie is in a very good physical condition, she loves to swim, fetch balls and bark at postmen outside even though she is already six years old. That’s just our beloved Dixie.

GREY MIM’S Von Silberweiss Jager

MULTI CH JUST GREY MIM’S Von Silberweiss Jager  “MACK”

MACK comes from the most prestigious kennel in France called  SILBERWEISS JAGER the owner is Marie-Gabrieelle Thomas. Mack’s parents  ( Multi CH Umberto Fala Love’a x Double WW Le Cinquième Élément At Silberweiss Fala Love’a “LEELOO” ) are champions in many countries and both of them are from a polish kennel  Fala Love´a, which has got its dogs all over the world. We went to Verdú in Spain where Mack lives with his owners. Mack’s pedigree is not the only thing that I like about him. His temper and appearance are also great. He is very calm, friendly and his hair is light silver. His owner Ramon Forcada is a huntsman and therefore is Mack being used for hunting.