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12. 6. 2015

Dixie od Potoka Kačáku

Dixie is a beautiful, elegant female, with strong bones, very nice and friendly nature. She an excellent retriever, with a great nose and I would that is is excellent in field work with great speed, system and excellent pointing. She loves water, and is a great member of our family.

Kalimor Celtic Storm at Aarranz

It is a Dixie´s first litter, so I chose an English dog with proven excellent parents. His father is an English TOP sire “Logan” Sh Ch Ansona Gamekeeper at Aarranz JW ShCM, who was the father and the dog should be used in our republic Rock Star Riverton. His progeny are great and exterior dogs.

The owner of Riley herself choose Riley as the follower after her Logan, because the mating with beautiful bitch Sh Ch Kalimor Tula JW ShCM promised excellent health, work and exterior follower, which Riley then also confirmed.

It’s a five-year old dog, who had 4 litters in England and one in Netherlands. His breeder Lynne confirmed that all the offspring were full dentition and dogs with two testicles.

Riley became a Weimar of the year in 2013 in Nottingham. He became show champion at 12 months, BOB at the championship of three countries and won many other awards.

The mating is planned at the end of April / May 2015 and the birth of our little greynies is expected in July / August 2015.

More information and photos can be found here on www.aarranzgundogs.com/riley

We look forward to puppies and hopefully everything will go just fine, after all the troubles that we’ve gone through with Dixie, so that in the summer will be born healthy and beautiful gray babies.