Our darling Andrew

Andrew Wild Heart of Silesian Weim

Andrew was born on the 12th November 2015. His mother is our beloved Dixie od Potoka Kačáku and his father is Kalimor Celtic Storm Aarranz also known as Riley from England. He had a violet ribbon for two months. I have to say that we didn’t even think about keeping one from Dixie’s puppies. But as the time went and the puppies were getting bigger and bigger the violet boy started to be more and more friendly and there was something special about him. He was the only one who always came to see us instead of staying with the rest. He loved fetching since he was little. He was carrying around everything.From toys to fur dummies. And at that time I started to think that maybe we could keep him. The little violet boy amazed even my husband and he was the one who finally said: “We should keep him!”.


And it was decided


My daughter Dominika had a task to choose a name for the violet boy. And I think she did a great job – Andrew Wild Heart of Silesian Weim. Andrew is very active, smart and clever just like his siblings. His nature is very lively and cheerful. He just wants to kiss everyone, but when it comes to guarding his territory he has everything under control and he doesn’t let anyone behind the fence. I am a bit more strict with him than I was with Dixie but it is worth it. We still go to obedience classes and we also go for hunts.

He was brought to nature since he was little so he could get used to all the smells. I have to say that his will for work is incredible. He has got a four point nose, he loves water and fetching. He is one and a half year old today and we have succesfuly got through talent exams where he got 205p/228 and autumn exams 280p/300. Both of them in the first price. We go to hunt ducks since september and we are looking forward to autumn hunts. That is exactly what we love and we want to continue in.