Our kennel


I was dreaming of new pet-member of our family for a long time. It wasn’t easy because my husband is allergic and every time there was a dog nearby he started to suffocate, his eyes got swollen and that’s why he didn’t want dog. But after a few months of my constant insistence he said “yes, but if we are going to get a dog, it has to be hefty dog” and that’s why we decided to get weimaraner.

At that moment I didn’t care if it’s going to be weimaraner, boxer or great dane but the main thing was that we are going to get a dog! The only thing I really wanted was to get a dog with pedigree. I started to look for a good kennel that was having puppies at that time. I found kennel Od Potoka Kačáku,which belongs to Iveta Nováková, and even though the only free dog was a bitch, I knew that that was the right kennel and in the upshot it really doesn’t matter if we’re going to get a boy or a girl.

We just had to see that little grey ball. 400 kilometers there 400kilometers back but it was worth it. She was there, my little red girl. It was a love at first sight. I was so happy and excited because my dream just became true. We spent a few hours there and while we were hugging these little grey puppies I was asking Iveta all the things I wanted to know. I still remember the sentence I said: “I don’t want a dog for shows or exams I just want to have a pet.” Iveta just smiled because she knew that it’s not going to be that way.

Four weeks after our visit we finally went for her. At 9am we were standing in front of Iveta’s house and we couldn’t wait to get our little girl home. We recieved a lot of toys and goodies for Dixie, pedigree, vaccination card, a lot of precious advices. Me and Iveta arranged on sending photos to her and that we would chat a bit time to time.

At that time I didn’t know that we will become a good friends and we will chat almost everyday. Dixie was sleeping with me in my bed since the first day. We were spoiling her, feeding her well and pampering her and she has become rightful member of our family.

Step by step I have fulfil all of the conditions and on 8th August 2014 I found my own kennel. It took me a few weeks to choose the right name. I couldn’t decide if it’s going to be in czech or another language. Because we live in Silesia I decided to name it SILESIAN WEIM. At the moment we have only one dog but I would love to get another one. We can’t wait for our first litter.

And back to my husband. It was really hard at the beginning, he almost couldn’t breathe and his eyes were swollen. But he started to take medicine.And that’s why I would like to thank him that he endured it.


The “life-changing” event happened when Dixie’s breeder asked me if we could participate in special weimaraner kennel competition which took place in Telč on 15th September 2012. We weren’t really good at posing but the judge really liked Dixie and we won VN1 in our category and in the end we won the best youth of the breed. I was really surprised and happy. I decided that it won’t be our only competition we took part in. And that’s how it all began.

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